Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Notice how we were primed in the 1960's via the vast propaganda machine known as Tee Vee to react as... lost ... in need of guidance...  stupid... fearful...  in terror... and relying upon machines that warned of danger! danger! warning! warning!... all they left out, or rather added years later, after it was the call in emergency phone number for warning warning danger danger - was 911. Bush senior gives his 911 speech in 1991 - lost in space Jupiter expedition goes out Lost into "hyper space" in 1997 - and then Bush junior in 2001 reads his book upside down while ignoring the supposed Islamist terror attack on the U.S. etc. Then Bush junior declares war unilaterally - just him! if you remember his speech, on the whole world!

Elizabeth Ardran's Channel - YouTube

4 minutes ago

Lost In Space Clips, Robot and Dr. Smith

The Robot with Dr.Smith insults at the end.

All real culture and civility and morality and anything to do with the true God was evaporated in this pagan society beginning in the 1960's. Sow the wind... and reap the whirlwind!

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